Download revellers were in for a treat this year. Not only did the festival host the Carlsberg Danish Quarter for the very first time, but festival-goers also had the chance to get up close and personal with some of their favourite new bands. And all over a pint of our new Danish Pilsner. 

Could Download get any better? Probably. How about a dry roof to keep the rain off, plenty of seating to rest weary welly-clad feet and Black Country rockers Wolf Jaw fresh from scoring a Top 20 hit in the UK Rock Chart last year with their debut album?

Performing a stripped-back set in the Carlsberg Danish Quarter, the band received a thunderous welcome from festival-goers keen to see the rockers play something a little different. The band themselves welcomed the challenge. 

“Performing in the Carlsberg Danish quarter was really intimate, it was nice to have people there to sit and watch us do something different,” they said later. “A lot of people had never seen us before but the response was incredible.”

A better Download all round? Skål to that.