Being cool is more than just a state of mind. In Denmark, it’s a way of life. We cherish every moment of summer after our long, dark winter and believe nothing should get in the way of enjoying it. If the temperature’s rising, we can usually be found cooling things down in our own uniquely Danish way. All with a perfectly chilled beer, of course. Summer satisfaction starts here...

Jump right in – As Danes, we love to embrace the unknown and take a chance. Summer allows us to take that literally. Jumping into the sea is virtually a Danish national sport, the icier the better. Look for your nearest lido or try lake swimming at Latitude for a cool down better than any air conditioning.  

Go nocturnal – In the summer months, we Danes are blessed with long summer nights when we can enjoy the daylight without the fierce heat of the sun. It’s the perfect time to get outdoors, eat in the fresh air, meet a friend in the park and enjoy a cold Carlsberg round the bonfire.

Art meets nature – Denmark comes alive over summer with outdoor ballet, theatre and music performances, from big camping festivals to tiny celebrations on one of our many picturesque islands. As self-confessed culture buffs, we believe everything sounds better outside, when we can enjoy inspiring art and the great outdoors at the same time. It’s no wonder festivals are our idea of himmel (heaven).

Make life simple – We Danes believe you should be able to enjoy your beer exactly the way you want it. So the dream festival weekend starts with the perfect ice cold beer. Pre-order cold cans in advance to be delivered to the campsite at Download and you can get on with enjoying your weekend with your friends.