Festivals are all about connecting with thousands of others just like us, who all love the same music and want to be free for a weekend to enjoy it in the open air. It’s the best feeling in the world. But it would be nice if it wasn’t quite so hard to connect with anyone who’s not stood right next to you. Phone signals are notoriously useless at festivals, failing to find a network at the crucial moment you want to text a friend to change your meeting time or post an amazing sunset photo over the site on Instagram.

There has to be a better way. But it’s probably not Phil’s unfeasibly complicated plan involving several tent poles, a computer keyboard, a tray and a ridiculous amount of parcel tape. Even if he manages to avoid knocking someone out when waving a tent pole in the air, he’s unlikely to make many friends hoisting that in front of people when they’re trying to watch Kendrick Lamar. Quite frankly, he has more chance of getting his email through to his mate if he writes it on a paper aeroplane, throws it into the crowd and hopes it happens to reach the right person. It’s just a disaster waiting to happen.

Especially as the problem has already been solved without anyone being hospitalised. We Danes love to stay connected to those we love, so we have made sure it’s easy to do at Reading Festival too. Simply head to the Danish Quarter and enjoy the free Wi-Fi whenever you need it. No charge, no catches and no need to carry tent poles around all day. You can even charge your phone while you’re there, enjoy a refreshing Carlsberg from the coolest bar on site or grab a seat, take it easy and enjoy an exclusive acoustic set from some of our favourite up and coming bands. Better still, with Carlsberg taking care of the Wi-Fi, you can post pictures of it all online and share your festival experience with friends stuck at home.

We call that a win win.