After a long dark winter, the first signs of spring are a cause for celebration for us Danes. We can’t wait to throw open the window and look forward to the long sunny days, music festivals and al fresco after work drinks ahead. But first we like to prepare our homes and minds for the better weather to come with a spring clean the Danish way, simplifying our surroundings so we can truly focus on the all the good times the better weather will bring...

Let The Outside In – We Danes love to be at one with nature, to feel the sun on our face and smell fresh air on our skin. Nothing cuts stress like it. So mark the arrival of spring by opening windows each morning to air the house and even working next to an open window in the office if you can. Or add house plants wherever possible to add calm and colour to your home or desk after the dark winter months.

Embrace The New – Spring is all about new starts and a clean slate. We Danes love to better ourselves, to seek new challenges and improve all areas of our lives. So in keeping with the season, give something a go you’ve never managed before. Start writing that novel you’ve been planning for years, join a local sports team or buy tickets to that festival you’ve always fancied.

Spring Clean Your Day – Ask yourself what small change you can make to your day to give you more time for yourself. Hygge is all about taking care of yourself and finding pleasure in the everyday details of life. So make like a Dane and try cycling to work for a welcome blast of fresh air each morning or make sure you leave your desk for lunch at least once a week to enjoy lunch in a local park instead.

Enjoy Your Efforts – Don’t let your hard work go to waste. For us Danes, hygge is about cherishing our family and friends, enjoying simple pleasures and living in the moment. So make the most of your newly spruced-up surroundings by sharing them with those you love. Throw together a simple supper after work and ask your friends to bring the Carlsberg; host a weekend BBQ in the garden as the days get warmer or ask your neighbours over for a drink to mark the end of the week. We believe that’s truly what spring is all about.