From Liam Gallagher headlining the Main Stage to Example taking over the Dance Arena, there was memorable music from great artists in every corner of the brand new RiZE Festival. But if you looked a little closer, there were some surprise performances around site only a few were lucky enough to catch. If they happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Poet and rap musician Alex Michael Taylor was certainly a highlight for anyone who stumbled across one of his impromptu gigs across site. He performed whenever he felt inspired over the weekend and also visited Carlsberg’s Danish Quarter. The Danish Quarter also hosted intimate performances from Sinead Harnett and Sam Johnson over the weekend, making it the place to be at RiZE to see this year’s hottest new artists.

With his free-styling genius and relaxed charisma, Alex gave many who saw him their first taste of spoken word. There was no better place for the introduction, according to Alex himself. “Spoken word is really at home at a festival because it brings people together,” he explains.  “And everyone’s a little more open to indulge themselves in this ritual that brings everyone together and uses lyricism and world-play to create feelings.”

Anyone who saw Alex perform at RiZE were certainly in no doubt they had shared a very special moment indeed.