Some things needed to change. Other things probably didn’t. That’s what we concluded at Carlsberg when we decided to rebrew our beer from head to hop. Our new perfectly balanced Danish Pilsner has a crisper, fuller flavour. Skal to that!

And as our list below proves, some things are worth waiting for:

‘The Empire Strikes Back’ – Of course, there was nothing wrong with ‘Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope’. But only its follow up ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ truly revealed the complexities that make ‘Star Wars’ the galaxy-conquering force it remains today. Darker, more compelling and with the ultimate twist, it remains many ‘Star Wars’ fans’ favourite film to this day.

Coca-Cola – First invented in 1885, legend has it the very first Coca-Cola contained cocaine from an extract of the coca leaf. Luckily, by 1903, the company had been bought by business man Asa Candler, who changed the recipe and removed all traces of cocaine to create the iconic drink now sold in more than 200 countries. Not bad for a day’s work.

The Beatles – Everyone knows George, Paul, John and Ringo. But before the Fab Four introduced the world to pop music, their drummer was a certain Pete Best. Sadly for Pete, legendary producer George Martin had other ideas. He suggested the band replace Pete with Ringo then promptly signed The Beatles mark 2 to his label and propelled them to mega-stardom by releasing ‘Love Me Do’, changing popular culture forever.

Reading Festival – Now the Reading Festival is world renowned as the best rock festival on the planet. But in 1961, it began life as a jazz festival in a small marquee with saxophonist Tubby Hayes on the bill. Changes were made and the Reading Festival went on to become the ultimate rock extravaganza we love today. With barely a trumpet in sight.