Festivals are the one time of year we can all be the person we hope to be. We can forget deadlines and work clothes, watching the clock and living for Friday night. Festivals give everyone the chance to reveal their true self for three whole days. To do the things they’ve always wanted and forget about fitting in.

That’s where Eboni Dixon comes in. An airbrush tattoo and face paint artist extraordinaire, Eboni was responsible for many of the unique faces around the Reading site. Thanks to her, hundreds of festival-goers had the opportunity to explore a side of themselves normally kept hidden, to experiment with the way they wanted to appear to others and to have a little fun.

It’s no surprise her stall – laden with brushes and glitter of every colour – was one of the most popular on site all weekend. She was especially in demand with large groups of friends choosing matching airbrush tattoos or styles of face paint. Eboni also found men tended to follow Mike Tyson and opt for face tattoos while women preferred an inking of hearts or stars. And, naturally, everyone loved her striking glitter face paint.

“When it comes to festival fashion,” Eboni explains, “it’s about expressing yourself just as you would if you were painting a picture.” With Eboni and her bag of tricks on hand all weekend, revellers had the chance to really think about the person they wanted to be at the festival, for one weekend only, without any judgment.

The sparkle and smiles at Eboni’s stall suggested we all need a bit of colour put back in our lives.