At Carlsberg, we value quality over quantity. Which is why our new Danish Pilsner has been completely rebrewed from head to hop to create a better beer for your drinking pleasure. It’s a good mantra to live by when it comes to social media too. One interesting, well-shot image on Instagram makes far more impact than ten vague, pointless snaps of you and your mates. So at this summer’s festivals, up your Insta-game, choose your shots wisely and follow our tips to make everyone wish they were there…

Music matters – If you pick the right band, that is. Snap the acts everyone will be talking about and the moments no one will want to miss. Try Slayer’s last ever UK show at Download, the special closing extravaganza promised by Underworld at Latitude or The 1975 making their festival headline debut at Reading & Leeds. Please spare us the photo of the backs of 50,000 heads if you’re nowhere near the front though.

Hit the Danish Quarter – Sleek Scandi-style is always an Insta-winner. Head to the Danish Quarter to discover our hygge headquarters at Download, Latitude and Reading, perfect for posing with its stripped wooden walls, tactile copper accents and quirky touches. Beats the average shot of the Portaloos we reckon.

Pick your spot – Look beyond the food stalls and the Main Stage and notice the rest of the festival. Not everyone will. That’s bound to be more interesting than another picture of you eating chips. Instead, capture the magical mix of fairy lights and art installations in The Faraway Forest at Latitude or climb the hill in the Orange campsite at Leeds Festival to snap the sun going down over the site below. Who knew 100,000 people who haven’t showered in three days could be so beautiful?

Remember to #newbrew – Try our new perfectly balanced Danish Pilsner at a festival this summer, then let us know what you think.