Def Leppard. Slipknot. Tool. Smashing Pumpkins. There is no greater rock line up on the planet than at this year’s Download.

But can beer make your festival weekend better? Probably. So this year, we’re bringing our Danish Quarter to Download for the very first time, so you have somewhere to relax with a new Carlsberg Danish Pilsner when you’re not down the front watching the best live bands in the world.

And that’s not all. When Carlsberg discovered purified yeast back in 1883, our founder J.C. Jacobsen chose to share it freely with other brewers so everyone could benefit from it. We still believe the best things in life are worth sharing. Sign up in advance for our Carlsberg Brew Lab here and you can learn all the secrets of our new perfectly balanced Danish Pilsner, including an all-important tasting.

Held each morning in the Danish Quarter, our one-hour workshop with Carlsberg Brew Master Thomas Poilly will reveal all you need to know about our crisper, fuller flavour to 30 budding beer experts. He will take you through the craft of the brewing process and different brewing techniques to show how Carlsberg produce a range of quality beers. Thomas will use different hop oils to create a variety of taste sensations before you put your tastebuds to the test and sample our new brews for yourself.

Improving your festival weekend. One sip at a time.