We’ve all been there. Rushing across a festival site to meet friends so you can all watch the headliner together then party into the night. Only you’re late, you can’t find anyone you know, and your phone battery is long dead. How are you supposed to let everyone stuck at home admire your amazing Instagram photos now?

It’s truly the ultimate festival problem, the one small but significant irritation stopping you having the time of your life. And with most batteries barely able to make the journey from the car to the campsite without conking out, it’s a problem every festival-goer will encounter again and again this summer.

No such worries for Phil, of course. He can be smug all weekend strapped into his homemade recharger bib. That’s if he’s not confined to his tent with a bad back after lugging around a heavy car battery all weekend. Perhaps it’s not the greatest idea after all...

Especially as Carlsberg have taken care of the problem for you. They know your phone is as essential as cold beer to your perfect festival weekend. You need to charge it to stay connected, snap photos and make plans, but you don’t want any hassle to get it done. So just head to The Danish Quarter at RiZE and plug into one of the many charging stations Carlsberg have installed to ensure you stay fully charged all weekend. You can even relax with a refreshing beer while you wait, take a seat and watch an exclusive acoustic performance or enjoy a DJ set. Then grab your phone and get on with your day.

It’s that simple. Sorry Phil.