In Denmark, nothing makes us happier than helping someone else. It’s a win-win situation in our book. In fact, our willingness to lend a hand, give to charity and volunteer is thought to be why we’re one of the most contented nations in the world. If we can make someone’s day a little brighter, we reckon everyone’s happier. So this Spring, try the Danish way for yourself and see where you can make a difference, even in the smallest way, to spread a little Scandinavian sunshine...

Get The Drinks In – Give someone the perfect start to their evening and treat the person behind you in the queue at the bar to an ice-cold Carlsberg. There’s no need to tell them, just pay and leave. Next time, they might do the same for someone else and the positive vibes will keep on multiplying.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is – Work out what you spend on coffee every week. Now choose your favourite charity and set up a monthly direct debit to them for the same amount. You probably won’t even notice the money leaving your account, yet every penny counts for cash-strapped charities.

Notice The Small Stuff – Stop stressing about tomorrow’s meeting and really see the other people you meet every day. Compliment their new haircut, notice if they look nice or just smile genuinely at them when they’re least expecting it. It might be the best thing to happen to them all day.

Offer to Help – Look for opportunities to help people every day and don’t be afraid to ask. Volunteer to carry a suitcase up the stairs at the tube station, offer to bake – or buy - cakes for the fundraiser at the office or contact local charities to see where they most need help. The feel-good factor will be all the thanks you need.