We Danes like to say strangers are just friends we haven’t met yet, but our UK pals tell us this isn’t the British way. Except at festivals, which seem to do funny things to a person. For one weekend only no matter what our nationality, we’re willing to all be a little more Danish and embrace the possibility of new friendships, something we Danes actively search out every day. Not just when we’re wearing wellies in a field. So this year, go one step further and make those spontaneous festival conversations the start of real friendships, ones that may even last longer than your prized festival wristband. Try these tips to get started...

Let the music begin – At a festival, there’s no need to struggle for common ground. It’s all around you. So chat about the bands you’re looking forward to seeing and offer recommendations of artists you’ve heard are worth checking out (see our ideas here), then take the next scary step. Actually arrange to meet again to see one of those bands together. The world probably won’t end.

Share beer, make friends – Nothing extends the hand of friendship quite as easily as an ice cold beer. Pre-order cans here and you’ll have a crate of cold Carlsberg waiting for collection in your campsite whenever suits you. When everyone around you is struggling to put their tents up, it’s a guaranteed way to turn your campsite neighbours into lifelong friends. Then seal the deal and invite them over to a campfire later.

Spread the love – What’s better than one new festival buddy? A whole group of them, naturally. So if you get chatting to someone you click with, introduce them to all your mates straight away so they can return the favour and both friendship groups can merge from the start. At festivals, more really is merrier.                                                                                     

Be hard to ignore – Do the hard work for everyone and become your own conversation starter by wearing something that stands out. It could be a funny hat, fancy dress, head to toe body paint or just a witty t-shirt. Promise everyone an even more elaborate outfit the following day and people will make it their festival mission to search you out again.

Take the weight off – Sometimes you just need to sit down, chill out and enjoy a beer. At this year’s Latitude, RiZE and Reading festivals, the Danish Quarter will be a handy, distinctive point to arrange to meet any new friends, grab a seat and share a Carlsberg together, while checking out acoustic performances and exclusive DJ sets. Did we mention you don’t need to sit on the ground? We reckon that’s enough to win you friends for life.