There is no feeling like it in the world. After all the planning and anticipation, the weeks studying the weather forecast and the time spent trudging across fields finding the perfect spot to camp, you finally get the tent up and can let the festival weekend begin. You’ve looked forward to this moment for months. You want to sit on the grass, admire the tent that seems much smaller than you remembered and crack open a cold one to get the party started.

The problem is, tracking down a cool refreshing beer to make the moment perfect can be harder than it sounds when you’re in the middle of a field. Any beer you’ve struggled with from the car is probably closer to bath water in temperature by the time you’re ready to relax with a drink. And heading to the bar from your tent doesn’t seem the easier option.

Of course, Phil knows this only too well, which is why he’s resorted to drastic measures. But there really is no need to swap your rucksack for a not-exactly-portable fridge. People will just point and laugh. Instead, Carlsberg have a much better plan. Just pre-order your beer cans online before Reading and Leeds and your cold cans will be waiting for you to collect at the campsite when it suits you. All you have to do is sit back, crack one open and enjoy.