There is no better place to be on a sunny Saturday afternoon in July than at the world-beating Latitude Festival. And there is no better place to be at Latitude than in Carlsberg’s ever-popular Danish Quarter.

So there were smiles all round from festival-goers who headed straight for the little corner of Copenhagen to try a pint of our new Danish Pilsner with a crisper, fuller flavour than before. With ample seats, stylish Scandi décor and plenty of phone chargers, it quickly became the best place on site to meet friends and relax a while.

There was no need to miss the music while enjoying a cold Carlsberg either, with exclusive live performances from the best new artists each day. Riding high following the release of her album ‘In Plain Sight’, Honeyblood – aka singer Stina Tweeddale – took to the stage with her electric guitar on Saturday afternoon. The album is Stina’s first as a fully-fledged solo artist and she certainly deserved to have all eyes on her in the Danish Quarter.

“I love the adrenalin of festivals,” she admitted later after a rapturously received set. “There’s loads of exciting stuff happening. You play this really fast, fun set and then you’re gone.”

In Stina’s case, she headed off to explore Latitude and even saw her face printed on top of a cold Carlsberg for the ultimate personalised pint.

Because in the Danish Quarter, the weekend just kept getting better. Just like our beer.