After the joy and indulgence of December, January can feel like a slap in the face. It’s cold, dark and miserable, and pay day seems a very long time away. Even worse, we’re expected to punish ourselves with unrealistic resolutions to make the days even harder. So much for a happy new year... In 2018, give yourself a break and try the Danish Way instead. Be kind to yourself, appreciate all you have and make small tweaks to improve life rather than attempting dramatic changes you will never manage. A guaranteed way to enjoy a very Hygge New Year!

Have Your Cake And Eat It - Banning foods will only make you want them more. And let’s face it, when it’s freezing outside, salad is just not going to cut it. We Danes don’t like to deprive ourselves, instead we enjoy every bite of the food we love. We savour it, share it with friends and don’t feel guilty about it. You’ll probably eat less as a result.

Wake Up With A Smile – It’s hard to drag yourself out of bed when it’s pitch black outside. But wake up smiling and your whole day will improve. Swap an intrusive alarm for a favourite song first thing and boost your mood until lunchtime. Manage it for a month and reward yourself with well-deserved tickets to a gig at your local O2 Academy.

Enjoy Time Out – In Denmark, we love nothing more than stepping away from our busy lives and recharging our batteries. Find a cosy spot at home, gather a stack of books or films you’ve been desperate to get stuck into, crack open an ice-cold Carlsberg and give yourself permission to switch off from the world.

Cut Down Not Out – So you want to give up smoking/chocolate/your addiction to Instagram? Take baby steps. Otherwise, you’re statistically more likely to fail in the first few days and then feel even worse. Vow to cut down and do whatever you know you will manage instead– so decide not to smoke every second day, limit Instagram scrolling to one hour each evening or swap chocolate bars for fun-sized ones. Then congratulate yourself on a job well done when you succeed.

Swap Habits – We Danes love to make plans in advance for the weekend so we don’t waste a minute of free time and always have something to look forward to. Try the same trick to overcome any habits that bring you down. If you’re always skipping solo trips to the gym, join a sports club where you can exercise with others and have a catch up. Feel like you never see friends? Perhaps try booking tickets in advance each month to gigs so no one will be tempted to cancel at the last minute. Finally, a resolution that’s easy to stick to.