Dreams came true in Latitude’s Danish Quarter this year when Northampton singer-songwriter Hana Brooks took the stage.

The extraordinary young singer-songwriter had never even been to a festival before, yet went to Latitude to perform a rapturously received set in the Carlsberg Danish Quarter. Just Hana and her guitar (plus a hat), it was no surprise the singer admitted she was feeling the nerves before getting on stage. There was no hint of hesitation once she started performing, though, and Hana charmed the Danish Quarter crowd in moments with her striking, soulful vocals and captivating lyrics. It was the perfect soundtrack to a chilled-out Latitude afternoon as festival-goers relaxed with friends and enjoyed a pint of the new Danish Pilsner.

“Performing at the Carlsberg Danish Quarter was one of the best experiences of my summer,” she said later before heading off to explore the rest of Latitude. “I never ever would’ve expected this would happen. Never forget it.”

Nor will anyone else who glimpsed this superstar in the making for the very first time in the Danish Quarter.