In Denmark, we don’t believe anyone should ever live to work. Our focus is firmly on the weekend, the moment we can turn off the computer, clear our mind and head out the door to start a new weekend filled with possibilities. Whatever deadlines or pressures we’re faced with Monday to Friday, we work hard all week to ensure the weekends are ours to enjoy. Weekends, Danish-style, are all about enjoying that elusive work/life balance everyone yearns for. Go Scandinavian this Saturday and you’ll be one step closer to making it happen…

Start The Weekend Straight Away – The weekend starts the minute you step out of work on Friday afternoon. In Denmark, many of us live a short cycle ride away from the office so we don’t need to waste a moment. Make a plan in advance and you’ll switch straight into weekend mode without idling an evening away deciding what to do. Try meeting an old friend for a Carlsberg straight after work, rather than just texting to catch up, or blast away any lingering work stress with a gig at your local O2 Academy venue.

Don’t Take Work Home – The weekend is for you and your family, not that mammoth project you’ve been putting off all week. We Danes believe downtime should never be compromised. So if we have to work a little harder all week to keep those precious two days free each weekend, we’re more than happy to get our heads down and focus. When you’re heading out the door on Friday afternoon without a worry in the world, it will all be worth it.

Do Something That Makes You Smile – Weekending the Danish way means looking after yourself. Go hygge, allow yourself to do whatever makes you happy, guilt-free, and relish every second. Try turning your favourite music up loud, spending all afternoon baking and then relishing every mouthful of your cakes, fresh from the oven. Or turn your phone off and snuggle up with a box set, a blanket and your favourite person. Only you know what truly makes your soul sing.

Start Planning Next Weekend – Give yourself something to look forward to once you’re back staring at a computer screen and wishing it was Saturday again. It’s guaranteed to make the week fly by. Check what gigs are coming up at the nearest O2 Academy and treat yourself to tickets or invite friends round for a laid-back dinner so you can catch up properly with no time pressures. That’s what the weekend is all about.