The Christmas lights have been taken down, the mince pies are a distant memory and New Year’s resolutions have probably already been broken. 2018 is well and truly underway, but there’s still time to ensure it’s one to remember for all the right reasons. Follow our lead, prioritise yourself and your family and discover exactly why Denmark is one of the happiest nations on the planet. Make this the year you go Danish and you’ll never look back...

Don’t waste a moment – In Denmark, we live for the weekend. Many of us even live a short cycle ride from work so we can start the fun just minutes after leaving our desks on a Friday. But it’s all too easy for the first precious hours of a weekend to slip by. So this year, vow to plan weekends in advance to maximise every second of downtime. Try meet friends for a Carlsberg straight after work on Friday, arrange a leisurely family brunch on Saturday or snap up Sunday night gig tickets at the O2 Academy.

Simplify your life - Bring on the hygge vibes in 2018 by removing any unnecessary complications in life. Start saying no to things you don’t want to do, declutter a corner at home so you can snuggle up and enjoy a great book without any distractions and try to get out into nature more to enjoy the simple, soothing beauty of the world that we often overlook when stressed out.

Make time for those who matter - Make this the year you spend quality time with the people who are truly important to you. Let the kids choose what you’ll do all weekend once a month, plan a long dinner with that old friend you only ever seem to speak to on WhatsApp or book gig tickets to spend time with those mates you always wish you saw more of.

Strive for balance – It’s a big claim, but we Danes truly believe we have the elusive work-life balance sorted. We work hard but cherish our home life and prioritise family time. Follow our lead in 2018 and make an effort to leave the office on time at least two days a week. Take up a new hobby to distract you from work and set aside one day every week to turn your phone off and meet a friend for a catch up and a Carlsberg.

Treat yourself - Think like a Dane and start looking after yourself this year. Resolve to do something you love more often in 2018 and vow to enjoy every second, guilt-free. So book that course of yoga lessons you’ve yearned to do, refuse to do anything on Sunday mornings until you’ve read all the papers over fresh coffee or treat yourself to monthly gigs at your local O2 Academy. Consider this your official permission.