It’s good to get things right. That’s why we at Carlsberg decided to rebrew our beer from head to hop for a crisper, fuller flavour.

Settling for second best should never be an option. So don’t ruin the festival you’ve waited all year for by overlooking the details either. When you’ve travelled to a site, lugged your rucksack through the car park, queued to get in and struggled with a tent, a warm beer just won’t cut it. You deserve better. You deserve the new perfectly balanced Carlsberg Danish Pilsner served cold, as it’s intended to be. We are also providing cans in our new Snap Pack – a sustainable packaging solution which glues our cans together to replace plastic wrapping. The ideal start to a perfect weekend.

Get it right from the word go at Download by pre-ordering your cold cans in advance here, so all you need to do is worry about which band you’re seeing first. No long queues, no scrabbling for your wallet, no messing with the ultimate weekend of the year. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the new Carlsberg Danish Pilsner properly.

Like our beer, your favourite weekend just got better.