Obviously, no one goes to a festival to sit down. But we’re not super human either. After hours on end trudging from one stage to the next, standing – or dancing - through a day’s live music and hiking back to the campsite every time you forget your suncream / raincoat / sunglasses, you just need to take the weight off. To grab a cold Carlsberg, find somewhere to sit and watch the festival go by for a while.

But it’s easier said than done. Sometimes, it can be hard to find a patch of grass big enough for you and all your mates, let alone one that’s not covered in spilt chips. If you do, it’s likely to have turned rock hard and dusty in the heat or been churned into sticky mud by the rain. Not exactly a place to relax when you haven’t sat down in twelve hours.

Phil is all too aware of these festival pitfalls. He knows about the heavy legs and burning feet that come from walking miles across a festival site then not even sitting down to eat a chickpea burger for lunch. This has clearly driven him to extreme measures, to believe strapping a dining room chair to his back and carrying it around all day is the only way to guarantee a seat at a festival. Unsurprisingly, Phil is wrong.

There is a much easier way to take time out and recharge at RiZE this year. Carlsberg have it sorted: just head to the Danish Quarter and choose a seat. It really is that simple. There’s plenty for everyone and you can listen to exclusive acoustic performances, watch a DJ set, enjoy a cold Carlsberg or even charge your phone and use the free Wi-Fi while you’re chilling out. No offence Phil, but we know what we’d rather do...