With so much to see and do at Latitude, it’s always hard for anyone to know where to start. Head to the Obelisk Arena to see extraordinary performances from the likes of The Killers, Solange and Alt-J? Take in some of the world’s best dance, comedy and cabaret acts? Cool off with a spot of lake swimming? Or check out cookery demonstrations at the fantastic new Theatre of Food?

One group of lucky festival-goers in Carlsberg’s Danish Quarter even had the chance to create something special to remember the weekend by. They joined a bracelet weaving workshop to experience the Danish devotion to craft and design and begin to understand why we Danes take such pleasure in something well made. Textile artist and lifestyle blogger Mary Maddocks, who creates woven tapestries and jewellery inspired by the natural world, was close on hand to unleash their creative side throughout. Luckily, the festival setting provided the perfect inspiration as, in Mary’s words, it is one of the only places “people spend the vast majority of their time outside.”

With the sun beating down, it was certainly the perfect chance for festival-goers to sit down, take a moment out of the heat and get to know the other people around them. Whether weaving came easily or not, everyone loved taking part, laughing, chatting and bonding over their attempts to make something personal that can hopefully be worn for years to come. It’s no surprise Mary says that after her workshops, people often tell her how relaxed they feel as “they’ve had a chance to switch off for a couple of hours and focus on making something beautiful.” There could be no better memento of an unforgettable weekend.