At Carlsberg, we like to do the decent thing.

When we realised we were focusing on brewing quantity, not quality, we rebrewed to create a better beer. When we discovered our new Danish Pilsner could be greener, we took another step in our pursuit of better, introducing new Carlsberg Snap Pack to eliminate traditional plastic wrapping. We even switched the ink on our labels so they could be recycled more easily.

Now it’s summer, we think we can make the Reading & Leeds Festival better too. After waiting for the big weekend all year, no one should be cracking open a warm beer once they’ve finally arrived on site. We believe you deserve better. Once you’ve battled through traffic, queued to hand in your precious ticket and pitched a tent you were sure was a lot bigger last year, you need to kick off the weekend with an ice-cold Danish Pilsner. This is the moment you’ve been planning for months.

Make sure you get it right. Pre-order your cold cans here for Reading & Leeds so you can really celebrate the start of the world’s greatest music festival in style with your mates. All our cold cans on site will also be served in our new innovative Snap Pack, so you’ll know you’re building a better tomorrow. All while enjoying the best possible today.

That’s the Carlsberg way.