Our new friends are embracing Danes’ fuss-free attitude towards fashion this summer.

We Danes strive to find the perfect work-life balance. That’s why spending time with our closest friends is so important to us. After all, as the saying goes, all work and no play makes for a very dull life… or in our case, a very dull Dane.  

Often you’ll see us enjoying a leisurely meal with our loved ones or, perhaps, appreciating a fine pint of Carlsberg at festivals. We know that new friends offer new adventures, which is why we’re so eager to spend time with them. 

Speaking of new friends, we recently caught up with three UK-based fashion bloggers to discuss why they’re charmed by Danish festival style. We’re biased when it comes to our dress, of course, but for Ed Lemont, Matthew Pike and Sophie Eggleton that’s far from the case. 

You see, our new friends are embracing Danes’ fuss-free attitude towards fashion this summer. They’re wearing timeless clothing that pays homage to our love for detail and superb craftsmanship and there’s a very good reason for that.

After hearing their stories, perhaps they’ve even convince you to embrace Danes’ stylish yet laid-back flair for festival fashion this season.

Ed Lemont


Happy Hump Day ? - Start making those weekend plans! Tap for outfit details (?: @cullenjamie)

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Why do you think Danish fashion is so popular in the UK?

I think the inspiration comes from the ability to live the Danish way, which to sum up in a sentence is, ‘simplicity done well’. Trends come and go, but Danish fashion is very much based on a simple, flattering colour palette, which can be worn by any body shape, making it both versatile and adaptable.

What do you love most about Danish dress?

The colours. Navy and grey both feature heavily in Danish dress, which coincidently are my two favourite colours. I’m also into tailored and well-fitted clothes, as well as good quality. This again comes through with the way Danes dress.

What outfit will you be wearing for festivals this season?

A light blue denim jacket, white t-shirt and navy shorts with a woven tan belt. Maybe a pair of cream desert boots thrown in too for good measure! 

Matthew Pike

Why do you think so many people are doing festival fashion the Danish way this season?

I honestly think Instagram has a lot to do with it; as we use it as a tool for inspiration for style, travel and lifestyle. The Danes live a very relaxed and uplifting lifestyle, and I think it’s something we aspire to achieve here in the UK.

What do you personally love about Danish festival fashion?

I like the simplicity and the focus on well-made garments using considered and practical materials. I also like the ease of styles being paired together and the importance of longevity. 


A day of details + my fallback colour combo. If it ain't broke, eh? ?: @jake_millers

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What’s your go-to Danish festival outfit?

I’d be in a loose fitted Oxford shirt, worn over a simple t-shirt, relaxed fitted chinos, a plain baseball cap and white sneakers. I’m not a Wellingtons kind of guy!

Sophie Eggleton


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Why do you think that so many British bloggers are emulating Danish style, right now?

I can’t speak on behalf of the whole country, but I know I really appreciate the effortless nature of Danish style, and can imagine many other people do to. 

When Boho style became huge a few years back, much of its appeal was the people who we wanted to emulate looked like they hadn’t tried too hard. It appeared that their laid-back style was innate to them. 

Although Danish style is less fussy, it shares many of Boho’s selling points; it’s a more controlled version of ‘I just threw this on’. It gives off the impression that the wearer knows what they’re doing style wise, but that their wardrobe isn’t contrived or over-stylised. Overall, Danish style is just simple and clean, yet well put-together.


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What Danish-inspired look will you be wearing to festivals this season?

One look may be a very simple, slightly loose fitting T-shirt/strappy-style midi-dress. I think these look so breezy and confident, and a jersey-type fabric can feel lovely against the skin. The stretch is also great for wandering around the site all day. If it’s a bit cooler you can layer over or under the dress. Team with some trainers and some Ray-Bans and you instantly have an effortlessly cool look.

You see, those are the reasons why you should perhaps try festival fashion the Danish way this season. It’s stylish, practical and beautifully Danish.