Summer days don’t get much better than those spent at festivals watching live bands with friends. But blazing sunshine ensured this year’s Reading Festival was even more perfect than usual. Somehow, even the music sounded better. And the smiles were definitely wider.

This was certainly true in the Carlsberg Danish Quarter. With a stylish bar, essential charging points and plenty of seating for even the biggest group of friends, the Scandi corner was the ideal spot to give your legs and phone a break. With a cold pint of our new Danish Pilsner in hand.

The sun was shining on our intimate Danish Quarter stage too, when South London-based Abisha performed on Sunday. Dressed in a vivid neon yellow t-shirt dress (and matching socks), she was hard to miss and impossible to ignore with her sleek ponytail and elegantly restrained alt-R&B. A spellbound audience quickly fell in love with her smooth vocals and vulnerable yet evocative poeticism, knowing they will see this superstar-in-waiting on a much bigger stage soon.

Abisha loved every minute too, celebrating afterwards over a Carlsberg with new-found fans, who were won over by her stunning performance.

“My festival highlight was definitely my set in the Carlsberg Danish Quarter,” she confirmed. “To have the crowd singing along feels amazing. It just feels like there’s so much love and so much positivity and that just makes it even more fun for me.”

A weekend to remember all round then? Probably.