Enjoy music festivals the Danish Way

With all the festival hubbub, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important. 
Remembering everything you need for a festival can be a task in itself. Mobile phone, wellies, food, charger, the list goes on. But what if we thought about the elements you can’t fit into a rucksack? Those experiences you’re only going to get once? Don’t those require a little thought too?  

We think so. So here’s a guide to the Danish Way, which will help you get the most out of your festival experience.

With so much choice, you could fall into a routine – especially if you’ve spent years going to your favourite festival. But the beauty of a fun-packed festival weekend is it gives you plenty of opportunities to discover your favourite new bands. So why not take a punt on that group with the fun and intriguing name? It could be the best decision you make all weekend…

It’s easy to miss the magnitude of just what goes into making a festival special. A huge amount of work takes place behind the scenes to give you one of the best weekends of the year. And the people behind the scenes – everyone from set designers to caterers – work hard to keep you engaged, entertained and excited. Reading Festival, for example, welcomes a city the size of Crawley every August Bank Holiday. It’s a feat of logistics carried out on an enormous scale. So, instead of dashing around from stage to stage, why not take a moment and just marvel in the brilliant artistry and masterful design of it all? 

The Danish love hygge. It means creating a nice warm atmosphere – and making time for it is a sure-fire way to get the most out of your festival experience. So embrace old friends and make new ones, bring a positive attitude – and a touch of spontaneity – and celebrate a weekend of music…

Everyone loves the Roligans – those Viking-helmed, face-painted football fans who follow the Danish National Football Team around. Calm and good spirited, the Roligans are welcomed wherever they go and embraced by the locals for their cheery and light-hearted outlook. So why not take a lesson from one of Denmark’s finest exports and travel well, embrace the residents and support the local community? 

With thousands of people flocking to makeshift cities for the perfect festival experience, bear in mind the effect this has on the environment. Some festivals now offer ways to offset your carbon footprint while others offer cup recycling schemes. Find out how you can play your part, recycle what you can, and use the bins provided.

The Danes love the unexpected – and there’s nothing more typically British than a surprising downpour. Or a mini heatwave. The British weather promises to be a mini adventure, so remember the wellies and raincoat, and also the sunscreen and shorts. Part of the fun is expecting the unexpected… 

No signal? No worry. While your mobile remains in easy reach in case of emergencies, as it searches for a signal why not embrace the opportunity to meet people face to face? Give those scrolling thumbs a break and make memories in real time, in real life and with real people. While the Danes can’t profess to be the leaders of the pack when it comes to digital detoxes, we do know how to celebrate. After all, the digital world can wait for the weekend, right?